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Color Magick                                                                                         

color correspondences:

  • White: White is magickally neutral and represents the Goddess and Ancient Mother.  Safety, the divine self, enlightenment, cycle of life, freedom, health, love, initiation, purity, peace and spirituality
  • Black: To return energy to it's sender.  Divination, Banishing, protection from negativity, chaos, beginning of creation, rebirth, infinity.  When used along with the color white it represents male/female energies.
  • Gray: Balance, walking between two worlds, stabilizes a disturbed personality
  • Brown: Stability, home and hearth, security, friendship, nature magick.
  • Red: The color red symbolizes life's blood. Passion,  fire, courage, strength, joy, life renewal, energy, health, motivation, desire.
  • Pink: Friendship, harmony, Calming, Self-love
  • Yellow: Energy of the sun, healing, friendship, strengthen productivity, improve inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty,intelligence,  life, light, Study, humility, and confidence
  • Gold: Solar energy and God.  Leadership, logical thinking, problem-solving, conscious awareness, health and recovery.
  • Orange: Vitality, energy, sexuality, opportunities, happiness, mental alertness, kindness, material gain, removes feelings of abandonment and helps to seal a spell.
  • Silver: Moon magic, reality, astral travel, restore balance, endurance, meditation, peace, freedom, connection to spirit.
  • Green: Faerie folk, the Green Man and God or Goddess of vegetation and forest.  Healing, transformation, New beginnings, financial gains, prosperity, hopefulness, spring, fertility and immortality.
  • Blue: Encourage wisdom, patience, peace, truth, loyalty, meditation, insight, happiness, fidelity, tranquility, intuition, healing
  • Indigo: Angelic protection.  Use for broken bones or wounded pride 
  • Violet/Purple: Purple is a very spiritual hue and supports any spiritual undertaking be it centering, wisdom or psychism. Justice, forgiveness and humility.

Information, meanings and lore are provided for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended in any way to diagnose or treat ailment or disease of any kind. 

This chart is a reference point gathered from various sources over the years.  In no way do I claim these correspondences are fact.  As with everything you practice, do what feels right to you in a given situation.


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